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Shakers and Proximity Calibrators

Shakers are battery powered, portable, and have built-in reference accelerometer and indicator with calibration traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  The shakers are designed to be used in the field or shop to verify the performance of vibration transducers, connectors, cabling, instruments or permanently installed machine vibration systems, or indicators.

Accelerometers, velocity transducers and non-contacting Eddy Probe Displacement measuring systems can be checked.  Simply attach the transducer to the shaker head (Displacement Probes require a mounting fixture and target, which are available from Hardy), set the shaker to a known vibration reference level, and verify readings.  The reference test level can be set in acceleration (g’s), velocity (ips) or displacement (mils).

Portable Shakers allow for compliance with OSHA 1910, ISO 9000 or API 670 by providing a means for verification of sensor and associated indicators.  The portable design allows for minimal disruption during system checks.  While strict compliance with API 670 cannot be accomplished with most portable shakers, the HI 803 and HI 813 Shakers meet most of the frequency and amplitude measurement requirements.