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About Us

Swann and Associates Instrumentation Sales Inc. is an Industrial Products Distribution organization. Our primary function is to provide our customers with expert technical support, service & applications assistance for the products to the final end user. See how our fast descriptive quotations and procurement follow-ups can improve your purchasing requirements.

Our instrumentation products and engineering services are high quality and competitively priced. Most all of our products have the required agency certification where applicable.

Swann and Associates has been serving the U.S. southwest region and beyond since 1991 and continues to provide solutions to unique problems. We carry the complete line of USA made Metrix vibration products. Other companies represented by Swann and Associates include Amercable, C-Temp, Cooper Crouse-Hinds, HydroBond, Hydro Group, PLc, Toshiba Industrial, and many more. A complete listing is found on this website.

Custom product information & services can be found at www.hazardouslocation.com